Sunday, January 22, 2012

'ice' fishing

there hasnt been much for ice this year, but kids will love this 'ice' fishing.  wooden pole with magnetic 'hook' catches six fish.  now you can fish even when it's too cold, or windy outside.  i have heard it's also great in the car, and a fun way to learn. (paper clip on words, numbers or letters)
to help avoid fighting extra poles and fish are also available.  
$14 for pole & six fish, extra fish $1.50 & extra pole $2.

Monday, January 2, 2012

christmas gifts

now that chrsitmas is over i can share more of the gifts i made people for christmas.  my sister & sis in laws got necklaces, with either their kids names or their initials.  (the love was an exchange gift) i think they turned out pretty good. 
 i have also been into making hair flowers lately.  so the baby sitter, her daughter & a baby she watches got some.  they are pretty fun & fast to make.  to bad my daughter doesnt like to wear hers. 

i hope that everyone had a wonderful christmas, and a merry new year.