Saturday, February 22, 2014

p's artwork

almost everyday i get 3 or more pictures from p that she colors/draws/ creates at school.  and what to do with all this beautiful art?  she likes to hang it in her room.  when she moves down stairs we'll make her some art boards for her room.  and i have taken to scanning each one so that i dont have to save them all.  i cant imagine how many boxes i would have full of art work.  at the end of the year, i'll make a shutterfly book for her to have.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

new craft room & a little break

 craft room              as it is now
where it will be soon
most of you know that we are expecting baby #4 the end of march (cant wait) and with that came the need/decision to finish the basement since there are only 3 kid bedrooms upstairs.  SO that meant that everything had to come up out of the basement and be moved temporarily to the garage or in my craft room's case-out to the sun room.  it hasnt been that bad, but man is it cold out there!  i am super excited to have the whole basement done, but more so for my room down there.  't' shaped counter for cutting, sewing, and whatever else.  permanent storage for all my stuff, room for the kids to have their own area for creating too.  
this also means that i'll be taking a short break from craft shows this spring.  i'll still be taking custom 
orders -be patient with me though.  when i come back in the fall i'll have a big inventory built up and maybe even a new item.
i'll keep you up to date on the progress of the craft room and basement.