Monday, February 29, 2016

1, 2, 3 little mermaids

e was very into mermaids last summer.  so into them in fact, we had to have a golden pink princess mermaid birthday party (sharing a party with big princess sis who turned 20 on the 20th)  i had wanted to get these mermaid dolls done then but life happened.  

i think part of the slow process was that i wanted to make a doll and then a mermaid skirt.  but turns out the girls didnt want legs.  if only i would learn to ask, it would save me headache & time.  e wanted her mermaid green.  

p wanted hers with the multi colored minky fleece.  i dont recommend trying to make your mermaid from this.  it just wasnt as much fun as regular fleece.  

and since t couldnt really tell me she got the next girly fleece scrap that i had left.  i embroidered each girls eye color.  (it was hard to get p's dark green and e's hazel) 

i love how the hair turned out.  i used 4 different yarns and some silver ribbon that i had left over from another project.  the different colors and textures make it seem like they are underwater, hair moving with the currents of the ocean.  

Saturday, February 20, 2016

late heart day decor

so a few weeks ago, nebraska was blessed by storm kayla.  it wasnt the most snow that i have seen, but the wind was CRAZY!!!  thank God that part only lasted for a day.  we had a monster drift/pile across the majority of the driveway.  we are very lucky to have awesome neighbors!  so since i was prepared to be stuck at home for a few days (who doesnt love a good snow day???) i got some of my craft projects completed.  

i know it isnt the best lighting picture, but i love how this one shows what it looked like outside.  this was the ONLY window we could see out of.  the rest were all covered in snow.  somewhere out there is my driveway, under at least 4' of snow.  i did a quick and cute valentine's bunting to hang up in the picture window.  i love the lace. 

this was a pinterest idea.  she had used old window trim.  i happen to have an old barn door lying around.  it was again super easy to do-hardest was getting the nails out so that i could use the wood.  just measure, mark & cut.  then determine placement of boards, carefully flip one up, glue and just in case add a few nails.  then i cut old scrap boards & nailed them to the back of the smaller squares so that i could have my heart 'o's-one cause they needed some support to stand & two cause the big silver heart below broke in half.  free hand a little heart, fill it in with some paint & your done.  i really like how they turned out.  also gave me an idea for a christmas gift.....

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

car trash

life with kids is messy!  especially 4 kids.  (well 5 if you count my hubby)  i keep hoping that they are like me & like stuff organized & clean..... but maybe that happens later in life, when they dont live with me anymore:(  so in trying to help with the clean part in our vehicles, i made these quick & easy trash cans.  i changed my initial thought of putting boning in the top binding for some support in keeping it open.  i used a stiffer duck cotton (left over from my grocery bags) and didnt think it was needed.  but if i change my mind all i have to do is rip a small hole in a seam & slide some in.  kids seemed to think they were pretty cool, maybe they will get used.