Tuesday, March 7, 2017

something for me!

for those who know me.  i can be kinda weird with my fashion.  i don't like when people touch my hair (its the dang curls getting frizzy), my jeans have to cover my socks when i sit, i don't like my jeans skin tight, i cant stand turtle necks or high necks, i cant mix blacks/grays with browns/tans, and black and navy reminds me of ffa so i don't do that one either.  the hardest one for me though is having my sleeves hit my knuckles.  really i have to have my sleeves that long.  maybe its cause i have cold hands.  and boy was i a happy camper when i found out about thumb holes in shirts and coats!!!  
i had been looking for a casual cardigan that i could wear with t-shirts that would still be warm enough for me.  (did i mention that i am always cold)  i wasn't having any luck til i ran across this pattern from mouse house creations it was just what i was looking for!  so i ordered it, printed and ran with it.  i did the double hem for the collar, but so that it wasn't so big and bulky with all that warm fleece i used a knit on the inside.  you can see on the collar it is just a tad darker.  

for the sleeves, i made them just a bit longer and tapered them a bit more than the pattern (though it does say to do so if you want)  i ended up cutting out the cuffs for sleeves 3 times.  i had to get the right size and get the thumb hole just right!  i am SO happy with how my cardigan turned out.  I love it.  the sleeves are long enough, i made thumb holes and its warm.