Monday, June 29, 2015

the golden pink princess mermaid party!

what an interesting combination.... golden, pink & princess for my 20 year old's golden birthday & mermaid/pirate for my 4 year old.  it was fun though.  i found an awesome tutorial on mermaid skirts for the little girls @ ikatbag's blog  e was SO happy and excited to have a mermaid tail!!!!!  she had been wanting to wear it swimming after i got it finished and was always sad when i said not til after your party. so guess who wore it in the water a few times that sunday? it didnt last too long, think it was a bit too hard to swim.   they were cool cause they can be long for play and then pulled up for easier walking/play.   then the big girls skirts were fun as well.  i remember why i dont work with tulle a lot.  but they loved them. little a made all the girl's tops and had some nice burnt fingers for her troubles.  all the sequins (that are hard to see) 

all my beautiful mermaids!

i did make pirate eye patches for the boys, but ran out of time to make the hats, so i ordered those from oriental trading.  big a really had fun with his exp while he was grilling supper (steaks!!!) but said that he couldnt have the eye patch down cause it messed with his balance too much.  and t didnt get to dress up cause what was i going to make for a 1 year old that would allow her to walk in her sometimes drunk like fashion?  maybe next time.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

sidewalk paint fun

i promise i haven't forgotten about my blog.  i've just been crazy busy.  some days its a tough choice between outside work or sewing.  if i am lucky i can get in both.

the other day, a told the kids that they were all going to take a square of the sidewalk and chalk it all up.  time got away from him, and he forgot all about it.  just so happened that i had been thinking about making sidewalk paint for the kids to try out on the same night.  it was a HIT!!!  esp with miss p.  we found out that regular paint brushes work better.  i got the cheap 50c, 1" brushes from the farm store.  the foam brushes just soak up the color.  for the most part everyone did a square, some did more.  you can really tell that p loves to draw & paint.  she did the most.  she has asked me when i am going to make it again.  

here is the recipe.  ready?  its pretty hard.
mix 1 c water with 1 c corn starch & some food coloring.  then go have fun! 

we also found out that you should stir your paint every once in a while otherwise the corn starch starts to seprerate & settle to the bottom.  

 p's designs

 a's anchor and foreign language (anyone know what he wrote?)

 z's large mouth bass

a & the girls having fun with the paint.