Tuesday, March 29, 2016

color quiet book

sorry for the photo overload, but this is just too cute to NOT share a picture of every page. 

t & two of my nieces were all born in the same year.  for some reason that makes me think that everything i do for one, i need to do for the other two.  i made each of them a doll.  and this year for their birthday's its going to be a dolly diaper bag & supplies & this color book.   

this is the cover.  

and the back. 

i loved making these for the girls.  i did have some pictures/patterns to follow, but for quite a few of the pages i ended up coming up with my own idea.  t loved playing with the ribbons & buttons on the pages.  

Thursday, March 24, 2016

its supposed to be spring

i thought it was sping.  that's what the calendar says, and how its kinda felt for the past week or so.  but apparently mother nature has different ideas.

i would guess we around 6" of snow.  our poor ornamental apple tree always buds out and blooms early.  he wont look very pretty for the rest of the year.  

it was pretty windy last night and yet into this morning.  my snow covered shed. 

and our trees doing their job, stopping wind and creating drifts.  i miss my big tree line!!! i didnt notice the north winds unless it was blowing over 50 mph.

to help us think happy warm spring thoughts, i thought i better share my new bunting.  i used a little help from walmart with the carrots.  they were on a shorter hemp twine.  and i wanted some bunnies for easter. using glitter felt and buttons left over from b's baby shower, i sewed two bunnies together and then added the buttons.