Thursday, August 21, 2014

kids decor

z & p have moved downstairs and like their new rooms.  while i was on maternity leave i got creative with some paint in each room.  i couldn't decide at what height to do the line in z's room so i drew both, then decided it was pretty cool that way.  his 'theme' is maps, so i got places of where aaron & i have either lived or been to and we hung an old school map on one wall.  p wanted polka dots, so away i went with the string and chalk.  i still need to get her chalk board and an art board made & hung up for her.  then z, p, and e each got to paint a picture for their rooms (well the girls got to do 2 as they seem to like painting more) z did a lake with people swimming, sharks, and airplanes (1 might be a helicopter-i don't remember) p did houses and e-well she had fun with her 2 canvas'.