Wednesday, July 22, 2015

john deere for some dear boys!

i love my friend krn.  while i have almost all girls (5 girls and 1 boy-who knew-i thought i would have all boys) she is blessed with all boys (4 of them) & boy are they cute.  the older 2 look just like their daddy, the 3rd like his mom's brothers and i think that #4 is a mix of everyone.  i told her we could switch for a day if she needs some girls.  anyway, she wanted comforters for the middle 2's beds.  being the farm boys that they are, k wanted john deere for them.  we had wanted to go shopping together, but the selection in our big town just wasnt there.  so she found this great print online.  just plain and easy she said.  so it's just a rectangle of the jd fabric with a black border.  but i thought they needed just a bit of pop with the binding.  then i had enough fabric left for pillow cases (well technically i kinda planned for that) i really had enough of the yellow to do that pop on the pillow cases.  i really LOVE how those turned out.  super easy diy that i found here  i just added the trim and stitched that down again since it was so big.  

hope you and the boys love them k!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

wipes of fun

t loves to pull things out and put them back in.  well maybe sometimes, just pull things out.  if you don't know where she is, look for the trail of items laying where they aren't supposed to be.  
a while ago, i saw where scraps of fabric were cut to fit in an old wipe box for babies to play their in and out game with.  just so happens that i had an extra wipe box laying around.  i cut my scraps to a double layer of 7x9".  well not the fleece one, that doesn't fray and both sides are the same.  did a zig-zag around the sides (this was a quick project, you could cut the scraps bigger, sew them inside out & turn to make them look nicer)
t loves them.  not sure if she has a favorite scrap, but they have also been put in other items....a water pitcher she got out of the cabinet. and now she has leaned to open the whole box, so its also fun to put the fabric in and then dump it all out.