Saturday, October 26, 2013

infinity nursing scarves & next show

i know lots of people are in to scarves.  i am not.  for some reason i dont like stuff up around my neck. but my sister in law pointed these out to me and i thought they would be a good addition to my stock.  infinity nursing scarves.  they are the same as regular, just a bit wider & longer, to accomadate the bulk & length of baby.  best part is, i can make a regular scarf and a nursing one out of the same fabric!  contact me if this is something you would like.  nursing scarves are $20 and the regular scarves are $15.
also wanted to let everyone know about my next show coming up.  millard west again!!! one of my favorites.  this year it is later than normal, not sure why but they had to change the date.  so stop out on november 2 from 9 am til 4 pm to check out the hall and 2 gyms full of crafters!  and just incase you need to be reminded of the address it on 176th & q in omaha.  i'm going to do a gift certificate drawing for all those who stop by & register.
also check back as i'll be doing some posts of projects i did this summer.  just to catch up.

Monday, October 21, 2013

new bathroom decor

so i know i have been really bad lately on this.  its just the normal excuses busy summer, school stuff. but i was reminded that i needed to update this so here is something we have done lately...i like pintrest (well maybe love) and saw a cute idea on there and ran with it to make it my own.  the kids all love to paint so i got them paint & gave them the low down-paint what you want and when its dry we'll put your hand prints on there, cause mom wants to hang these in the bathroom.  they had fun (as you can see) and i love how they are all different.
now if you look close there is one without a hand print. and there is a reason for it....aaron & i are expecting the end of march!!!  so i painted that one and when the baby arrives, i'll get monkey's print on there.