Sunday, February 27, 2011

my minds eye memory match

kids love to play games.  what better game to play than one that teaches them to use their memory?  pretty scrapbook paper glued & seales on sanded smooth wooden disks.  $12

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

new orders

girls, my life is just too crazy right now to be taking any new custom orders until may 1, 2011.  we will be moving in a few months to our newly built house, so i need to devote my time to packing and finishing up on that.  but remember just because i am not taking any custom orders, that doenst mean that you cant still get great baby or toddler items from me.  i always have stuff on hand and am more that happy to send you pictures of what i have and ship items out.  check back soon, i plan on posting a few things that i have on hand that arent on the blog yet, that would make great easter basket items.  (or a gift for big brother/sister when the new baby comes this spring)

changing roll

the latest in my collection.  a changing roll.  diaper clutches and changing pads are nice, but what is nicer than having it all in one?  this is an original design.  pocket on the bottom is big enough to fit a wipe case and 3-4 big diapers.  the 16x24" changing pad is flannel lined, so even if you have to change a diaper on the floor, baby wont get chilled.  it all folds up with an elastic closure, making it easier for you when baby is trying to squirm away from you.  wipe case is included.  $24