Tuesday, November 26, 2013

ornaments & scotus show

 christmas is right around the corner.  in fact i brought a real tree home last night to put up on thursday since i am holiday function free til supper.  if you are a loyal reader or know me, you know that i make ornaments for my siblings, nephews, nieces, and kids each year.  sometimes i have extras. these are recent years that i have extras of.  i'll have them at my next two shows.  the glass ball has let it snow on velum (i also have on transparency paper, but that didnt photograph very well) with snow flakes on the outside for $3.  santa lets you know how many days are left with the extra numbers n his bag for $6.
 some kids need to be extra good this time of year to make up for all the fun things they have done over the course of the year, this post card (customizable on the reverse with santas address & childs) lets them explain, $3.

i also wanted to let everyone know about my next show coming up this sunday.  i have finally made it into the scotus craft show on december 1 at scotus high school 1554 18th ave, columbus, ne from 9 am til 4 pm.  
serendipity cloths will also be there with me.  she
has lots of cute christmas/holiday skirts for your little girl.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

sheets, sheets, sheets

 so i had a custom order for pack & play sheets this summer.  but they werent just any sheets.  she wanted them lined with pul (that cool water resistant cloth diaper cover fabric) with flannel on the top.  best part was she had a sheet (it was just cotton) that she liked so i didnt have to come up with a pattern on my own.  they were pretty easy to do and can really be made out of anything.  if you would want the pul lined those are $30, flannel/fleece or cotton are $20.

then i have always had a hard time finding crib sheets that dont shrink after a few washes.  nothing is more annoying than trying to change crib sheets that are SUPER tight when you are 9 months pregnant.  so i decided to make my own.  these are on elia's bed.  i was also thinking of making a water resistant pad with pul & a few layers of flannel as those always seem to shrink on me too.

Friday, November 8, 2013

busy, busy

wow, thanks to everyone who stopped out at the millard west show.  nicole everingham was the winner of the $25 gift certificate.  after such a great show i was kinda worried about having time & fabric to restock my supply for my show this weekend.  but lucky for me i had some at home and had time for a quick trip to hobby lobby after the show in omaha (bit better selection than norfolk's) but that also meant that i had to work my butt off to get lots of sewing done.  happy to say that i got everything done that i wanted to, including a custom order for a car seat cover. 

this is a pic of the boy fish that i had to make (i was out & had requests for some) so if you wanted these, please email or fb me & i'll get some shipped out to you.

oh i did say that i had a show this weekend right???  its my 1st time in kearney, ne at the holiday splendor craft/trade show.  runs from 9 am til 4 pm at the buffalo county fairgrounds 3807 ave n, kearney, ne.  hope to see everyone out there!