Friday, October 30, 2015

a little yard work before winter

i never really wanted the black plastic stuff to separate the rock around the house and the grass.  i dont like it.  but at the time, i didnt have much of a choice.  limited on time and i didnt know for sure what i wanted.  fast forward 4 years in this house and pinterest.  i found the perfect thing to separate them.  but again time was an issue.  so i had a local guy come and do most of it for me.  i just had to move rock away so that it would be easier to dig.

  this picture doesnt show, but we also have a rock bed FULL of spanish moss roses.  i love them, i dont ahve to water & they give some color.  the kids love picking the flowers for me too.  but i was liking having to step on or around them to get to the water spouts on the house.  so off i went to town to get me some flagstone.  this should work nicely i think!

but my FAVORITE part is the gutter down spouts.  we have a dog (used to have 2) and said dog(s) like to chase rabbits.  (we have them more now that there is a bit of shelter for them to hide in with the shelter belt we have started) rabbits like to hide after they have ran for a bit.  and what better spot than up my gutters??? did that stop my dog(s)??? NO NO NO.  and these werent just any gutters.  my grandpa cut some heavy duty galvanized big boys for me. off came the gutters to get those dang rabbits.  there are teeth marks in them from dog(s) chewing trying to get to the rabbit.  plus we had to have them staked down with the lovely nebraska winter winds.  so when i saw this idea on pinterest i knew it was perfect for us.   sorry bunnies.

and while i had someone do the BIG project around the house, i figured i could do the little one around the water hydrant.  and i did!  and after 3 long years and i dont know how many loads i finally killed the river rock pile in the driveway.  all but 2 loads i moved around the house.  that was a lot of rock! by the end i sure got good at backing the trailer behind the mower so i could dump.