Sunday, January 31, 2016

the best grocery bags

mom and i are known in our hometown grocery sore for our bags.  many moons ago mom made denim grocery bags to cut down on the paper bags that we got at each visit to the store.  every time there is a new bagger at the grocery store, the same cashier that has always worked there, says "no she has her own bag, just like her mom."  mom made me two after i got married and unfortunately, i lost one.  so i made another.  but now i have two vehicles.  and would forget to grab my bags.  and i really dislike having to make 10 trips with the plastic bags.  with the addition of these, i now have four grocery bags.  i love that i can usually get a WHOLE shopping cart in two bags.  depending on who packs them and if they listen when i say 'load them up.'  for better stability we have always had a board on the bottom.  they fold/roll up nice and flat so that i can store them under the front seat when not in use.  

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

car kick covers

with all the beautiful nice weather we have had the past few day (and in the forecast for the next few) thought this post would be fitting.  a friend saw this on facebook, saying i should make them.  i said, "you get me the fabric, i'll make them" i am glad that we have similar vehicles, so that i didnt have to bug her for measurements. 

 the site i looked at for ideas used elastic around the top and bottom.  i know that eventually elastic will loose its stretchyness and when i make i make to last.  so i used d rings and velcro.  i also remembered having an issue with a prior vehicle where the seat belt was attached in a funny spot and elastic didnt work.  

glad i got them to her before it got real muddy out!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

 i just love greenery in my old wash tub.  and this sled has many memories of winters from many years ago.  including chipping my tooth.

peeking at the spruce trees thru our weeping willow covered in some of the thickest frost i have ever seen.

i also love pictures when you can catch the snow falling.  someday i want to do family pictures on a beautiful snowy day.  

and now for the craft portion.  i made this winter bunting the other night.  it was SO easy.  the hardest part was doing a bit of math to get the correct length for some drape.  trust me 10" will be perfect (i thought it should be 16" too much)  i used my pinking blade on my rotary cutter on the triangles & did a simple zigzag on the sides.  i then cut a strip about 1/2 to 3/4" wide of the left over burlap i had from the table runner.  i zigzaged on 1 side of that to help stop the fraying.  i then kept with the same zigzag to attach my triangles.  tied a knot in both ends and hung it up.  

Sunday, January 17, 2016

christmas 5 of ???? (i think this is the last of them)

this might be my favorite gift that i made this year.  this beautiful burlap and lace table runner was for my sister in law.  i am pretty sure that it was my plan 'b', but i dont remember what plan 'a' was.  the hardest part was finding the right lacy trim.  wonder what r thought if she saw my mother in law measuring her table.  

this is what the runner looked like on her table for a christmas dinner they had.  made my day to hear that she loved it!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

christmas 4 of ???

i love my nephew, he is SO full of energy.  and he is really into the avengers.  i found this cotton online and immediately thought of him.  but i wasn't sure that a cotton would hold up with this 'all boy' kid.  so i lined it with another slightly thicker/stiffer cotton.  if i do it again i think i'll just go with another cotton.  but it was pretty easy to make.  hopefully he can get good use out of it.  

Monday, January 4, 2016

christmas 3 of???

way back when (i think pry 2002) i decided to make a quilt for my nephew & niece.  i wanted them to each have something that they can say 'aunt kelly made that for me'   she got a cute ladybug & flower quilt, he got a farm themed quilt to remind him of grandma & grandpa's place.  as i got more nephews they each eventually got a quilt for christmas.  there has been a husker 'n' quilt, construction quilt, sports quilt, and a railroad quilt.  last year it was a fun circle quilt for my niece. 
this is c-dub's quilt.  number 8 of 11-so far.