Wednesday, May 18, 2016

guest room

don't get me wrong, i love my guest room.  but i REALLY miss little a:( 
she is awesome.  my 1st big girl.  everyone thought i was nuts when i said she was moving here.  but i knew in my mommy heart it was going to be fine.  and it was.  we both gained so much.  
me-a daughter & friend.  
her-knowledge, courage & faith in herself.  

but when she moved out, i knew it was time to repaint her room. 
(sorry little a-dad-maybe all of us-were tired of the pink) 
my talented father in law painted us this far off barn sunset picture.  it was the starting point for the room, drawing colors and a theme.  

 for christmas my uncle had given us all a photo of mom & papa's big red barn.  it was taken from up on a dirt road behind our house.  we used to play in there for hours when we were kids.  unfortunately mom had to burn it down, it just wasnt safe anymore.  but she did take some pictures as it was burning. 

i had gotten this cool old window a while ago.  but didn't have it when we were hanging stuff in the main living areas.  and i didn't know how to hang it when i was working on our room and i may have forgotten about it.  but i knew the perfect new home for it. 

the mirror came from one of the dressers in this room, but i never could figure out how it was supposed to attach.  then little a broke the frame.  so it hung out in the storage room for a while.  i had my father in law make a barn wood frame for it.  the table came from grandma bert's.  if any of you knew her, she is probably where i get my love for antiques from.  i had painted it (i know how could i???) but i stripped it back to it's original beauty.  

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

what time is it??? its time to craft!!!

i had a really hard time finding a clock for the craft room.  i wanted something big cause i had the wall space & so that it could be seen from anywhere in the room.  i was going to have a craft friend paint me something, but i couldn't even decide on what to have painted.  

but then i was looking for a whisper clock.  i have a thing with the tick, tick, tick of clocks.  i have been called captain hook before.  i cant sleep when i hear that tick.  when i was in the hospital after having z & p, i took the clock off the wall and covered it with crap to quiet the sound.  crazy i know.  

so when i was looking for the whisper clock i found those BIG family clocks.  and a light went off.  i could have the kids paint some pictures for me & use those as my numbers!  it was interesting trying to find the canvas' that didn't cost me an arm & a leg.

  then z didn't want to paint.  so it was just p & e.  then e got tired of painting...

i really love my clock.  art work with meaning.  i can look and see how both girls have grown with their art.