Wednesday, July 16, 2014

happy baby shower lil' j

we had my sister's baby shower at our house over the weekend.  while its nice to have a reason to 'really' clean the house, it kinda sucks actually doing all the work.  anyway, thought i would show some of the decor that we had for lil' j.  my wonderful sister in law made these great felt and button flowers.  we mixed them with fresh flowers in old mason jars with buttons in the bottom.  they were so cute and my girls got to keep some.  i got the BIG buttons from cold creek brewing on etsy.  i did a dry brush technique to antique them a bit.  not sure where my sister in law got the 'cute as a button' banner, some where off etsy though.  and we then hung up onesies in the back.  it was a great day with lots of good brunch food and lil' j got lots of good stuff.