Wednesday, September 23, 2015

#3 and final post of quiet book

last pages of the quiet book... 
i can remember buttoning items onto our quiet books when i was younger.  and what could be more fun than matching a fabric gumball to the button?

puzzles.  i think this was the 2nd page (well set) that i made.  there are 3 different puzzles to complete-flower, butterfly and heart.  each has their own pocket to be tucked into when not in use. i got the idea for the gumball and puzzle pages from 

zip, buckle and snap... all kids want to learn how to do 'big' things themselves.  

and then the cover.  i did this last cause i wanted to make sure that i made it big enough.  while had an idea of how big it needed to be, i wasnt sure how thick the pages would be laying on top of each other.  and that was the measurement i was concerned about.  i added about 2" to the final addition of the height & length (times 2) so there would be a bit of cover overhang. Then  i had to find the middle of the cover and the ribbon i used for the binding so that they could be sewn together and turned right side out.  

you can kind of see how i sewed the ribbon down leaving a channel for the binder ring to go thru.  then i put a ribbon all around the outside of the cover with magnets in the ends to close the book.  with the cover all done, it was time to loop the pages onto the binder rings and then thru the book binding.  

hope you enjoy your quiet book t!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

quiet book part 2 of 4 (maybe 5)

next 4 pages 

so i go the lace & tie my shoes patterns from a great blog
the hard part was finding shoe lace.  these are still a bit big, but it was the best i could do.  

the pie page looked too cute to not do.  and while i know i have never done a lattice weave pie crust, i had fun weaving this pie crust. 
pattern found here

this one, i used inspiration from my sisters quiet book.  i remember moving those beads up and down as a child.  p arranged the flower beads for me before i put them on the ribbon.  

every girl needs to know how to braid.  at least in my family.  point in case, i taught my niece how to french braid while they were here for a weekend stay this summer.  keep practicing k!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

one of my longest... post 1 of 4

so here is what has been consuming ALL my time.... a while ago a friend noticed that i had been pinning quiet book ideas.  the plan was to make one for t for her bday (which never got done by the way) so c asked if i was making or just thinking... i said if you can wait (cause i had other orders that needed to get done 1st at the time) that i would make one for her youngest. (SO sorry c that it took so long... i promise i worked on it all that i could and as fast as i could) it was fun finding ideas on pinterest and etsy.  even making my own patterns for some of the pages.  

here are the 1st four pages.  

what little girl wouldn't love to be able to spell her name and learn to recognize the letters 
in her name?  

so the bee with all the yellow cording behind him has to go thru all the numbers correctly 
to get to his hive.

the color of the rainbow with a few ribbons. 

she can learn the shapes name along with the shape.

 i made a pocket for the pieces to go into, BUT remembering from my youth and quiet books, pieces can get lost... so i decided that i would attach most of the piece to the page.  its hard to keep track of things when you are little (heck its still hard some days) 

stay tuned for more but i didn't want this to be a HUGE post.  

Sunday, September 13, 2015

baby for my niece

i finished this project a while ago (almost a month, but i have been SUPER busy-more on that next time) i had made this doll for t's 1st birthday.  and is was fast approaching h's 1st birthday.  i think the hardest part on this doll was getting the right blue for her eyes.  those are some pretty piercing blue eyes.  and i got the dress along with the skirt made for her baby.  (which i am told they named penny)  enjoy your baby my little h!