Monday, October 27, 2014

hose holder posts

i am SOOOOOO excited about this project.  a person wouldn't think that with a new house and underground sprinklers that i wouldn't need to have lots of garden hoses laying around.  wrong!!!  SO many trees to water.  boy was i ever pumped when i saw this idea on pinterest from this cool blog
i did 2 versions though-a pretty holder and copper top for up by the house and the plain jane holders and tops for out by the water hydrant/garden.  glad i could talk my hubby into digging the holes for me, cause i think that was the longest part of the project.  he did an awesome job too, rigged up a brace so that the 3 by the water hydrant were all equally spaced and the same height.  i did buy the tops for those also.  and its the perfect spot for my rain gauge!