Monday, August 29, 2016

remember..... summer doesnt last forever

isn't summer supposed to be the nice slow life?  where you get to sit & just chill? not so for this momma.  we started the end of may with baseball & softball games on four nights a week.  the middle of may brought k here & softball games for her 2 nights a week, putting our normal games a week count at five, sometimes up to up to nine if we had a double header or a tournament.  i put a LOT of miles on.  & thank God that i have a super awesome husband and mom who helped get everyone where they needed to be.  one night we had activities in albion, spalding & pierce at pretty much the same time.  

that is the majority of why i haven't posted anything for such a long time.  & don't get me wrong.  i may complain a bit about all that running, but i wouldn't  trade it for the world.  after ball, we got in a few fun things (like a trip to the zoo, drive in movie & of course some camping) before it was time for k to go back to az & to think about school. 

it has been good having k with us for a month the past few summers.  she got to experience what its like to be the big sister instead of the baby.  the other kids have someone else to pester & give them advice.  i am really happy that she got to play softball here this summer. she made some friends & had a great time.  

since i am not there all the time to offer motherly advice i made her a book of quotes & words that i wanted her to remember & think about.  k can read thru it anytime she is down or upset.  or when she feels that her struggle will drown her.  

we both love winne the pooh

it was fun & trying to come up with different page layouts.  i think i had 50 quotes that i used.

i especially wanted k to know how loved she is. 

 i hope she loves it & thinks of her nebraska family when she reads it.