Tuesday, May 19, 2015

spring never has enough time

while i LOVE spring and summer-warm weather, camping, lightening shows, rainbows, swimming, lightening bugs.... i don't like that it means that i have to divide my time.  inside crafting or outside working. one of the 1st things we do is get the camper out and ready.  big a (bless him) parked the camper on the cement for me so we/i could get it ready this year.  plus he's been bugging me about washing the outside for the past few years. he did a great job (though we should have done it last year).  mother nature has been a bit too bipolar with temps to do much of anything else. so while little a was in jersey (she gets back tonight) i decided i had better get her bed fixed. it was attached to a metal frame....but it was SO noisy! she couldn't breathe without it squeaking.  so i had been looking on pinterest and found a tutorial for making a wooden bed frame & head board.  didn't need the head or foot board (thanks to a great friends dad for making these for me a few years back out of old doors), but the info on the frame-heck yes! got my lumber and went to town.  (twice cause i originally got 2x8's which were too big-that should have been my 1st clue) cut a good 9" of the head & foot board, they were kinda tall and then i would have had to deal with big holes from where the bolts were at for the metal frame. cut the side supports and slats.  made 3 supports for the slats since the mattress is so heavy.  get it all put together (after issues with a few of my screws) and the box spring wont fit :( so on to plan b.  big a had suggested to move up my slat supports, but that would have made the bed awful high with nothing to keep the box spring in place.  so back to town for more lumber i went.  i was only about an inch off, so i decided to put the side supports on the outside of the  head/foot boards.  i was SO happy that it fit.... that bed wasn't going to beat me! 
now it makes me think that i should maybe do the same to p's bed.....