Saturday, April 27, 2013

love/hate skirt

i love it cause it's fun & easy to wear, but man was it a pain in the butt to sew!  now i remember why i dont like working with stripes. but it done so i say bring on summer!!!  now to work on some cute skirts for the girls. 

thanks to all who stopped out at the huphrey show a few weeks ago. it was nice to see so many friends & be close to home.  next show will be in newman grove during shell creek valley days.  after that it's camping til fall shows start!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

scraps & next show

so i am kind of a horder when it comes to cool fabric that i have used in the past. i dont like to part with it. so...i keep it. i really love it when i get to use those scraps for something cool. these are scraps that from all the flannel blankets that i make. a friend is having a benefit for her dad & asked me to donate. gave me a good reason to use up scraps & it was fun. cant wait to use up more for aonther baby quilt like this.

next show-saturday april 6 millard west (176th & q) from 9-4. i have been sewing like crazy so i have a great selection. my mother in law will also be there with her sewing-serindipity clothes ( we'll be in wild cat 1 (1st gym) but please remember there are 2 gyms-there are lots of great crafters there. hope to see everyone there.