Monday, January 16, 2017

christmas chef set

for my siblings kids and ours, we draw names for christmas. this year i got my brothers little girl.  when i asked what i could get 'e' for christmas, her mommy said that e was getting a kitchen.  and maybe i could make her an apron.  but i couldn't stop with just an apron.  i had to make pot holders and oven mitts too!  this was a fun gift to make and pretty quick.  

'e's appron,  i did a velcro neck so that it was somewhat adjustable as she grows.  and she can use it to help mommy & dad in the kitchen.  

the oven mitts.  these were the most work, but the funnest!  i had found a template online and when i was trying to hem the cuffs, 't' could barely get her little hand in there.  so i had to make more quilted fabric (these were supposed to be the same as the pot holders) and modify the template i had found.  i also changed how i did the binding since these are pretty little and hard to work on with a big sewing machine.  but i am really happy with how they turned out.  

and the pot holders.  i had fun making this set.  maybe 't' needs one...

Sunday, January 8, 2017

christmas-ne hat & keychain

i made these ne hats for my big girl and my two 'adopted daughters'.  they all live in jersey.  but they loved their summer visit.  who wouldn't?? fireworks are legal here, a little, sand, water & sun.  and our crazy family. so i wanted to give them all something that would remind them each of their ne family.    

i have new appreciation for anyone who sews on hats.  

this heart key chain probably had the most meaning for me as a given gift.  two years ago for my birthday, a gave me the bracelet in the picture.  on the front it says mom.  on the back is 'every princess needs her queen'.   i have twice had to fix the band.  i don't often take it off, it means that much to me.    
so i gave her this saying 'my princess gives more meaning to being a queen'.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


as a kid i liked the big nelsen family christmas.  its not that we added that many more people, or saw family that lived far way at this one event, or got the best gifts.  but we did get an ornament.  each year my great aunt would make us each an ornament.  i think i could probably name most of them to this day.   even after not seeing some of them for years, with all the ornaments that my kids have.  but i love them.  and she continues to make ornaments each year, only i don't get them, my kids do.  

i too will carry on this tradition.  this year i had to make 25, plus a baby's 1st.  
this years ornament was a popsicle stick sled.  

and for my new niece, a stamped washer with snow flake charm.  

i can't wait to pick out the ornament for next year.  there are too many to choose from!