zizzle blankets-taggie, lovies... what ever you call them babies love them.  watch as baby finds their favorite ribbon every time

 paci/toy clip-perfect for the infant who wants a paci but wont keep it in their mouth, the baby who likes to play the pick up game, and the toddlers light toys $3
i also have clip's for the soothie's babies.
mam converter's $1.50

leaky faucet bibs-flannel on the front, pul on the back to help keep the bib changes to a minimum $5

zizzle zoo-fun little animals with super soft minky backs, fun ribbons, and crinkle material for a bit of noise $25
please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery on zizzle zoo as they are not always on stock

pack n play sheets-flannel, cotton, fleece, lined with pul, what ever you want to make baby comfortable.  made to stay on without elastic that can make your mat buckle.  
$15-$25 depending on fabric(s) used 
please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery on pack n play sheets as they are not on stock

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