Sunday, May 14, 2017

dresser redo

i got this cute chippy dresser at junktagious way back in october.  i loved how chippy it was, it was solid & steady, the drawers all pulled nice.  and the wood handles, with the pant warped.  most likely from kitchen grease. the caster wheels were cool, but i didnt think i would keep them on.  i wanted to put a coat of poly on the base to keep the chippy feel & paint the top.

the original plan was to make it into a night stand for z.  he wanted the other dresser with the zinc top for his room.  guess that will teach me to start working on a project BEFORE i ask.  or next time i                                                                  wont ask, and i'll just do.                                                                                                                                     
 the original top that i started to paint blue to match z's room... 

this was what was under the original top. not very pretty so i went to the hardware store/lumber yard and got a nice piece of oak to cut down and use. i wanted a dark top to contrast with the chippy white.  (glad my hubby was able to help me out with the top or it woudnt be this pretty)  there was some funky wall paper stuff on the inside that i pulled and scrapped out most of.  you can still see some of it in the finished pictures.   

here is the finished project.  i love how it turned out   i took the bottom drawer out and it is now my laundry hamper. its not perfect, but its perfect for me. 

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