Monday, January 16, 2017

christmas chef set

for my siblings kids and ours, we draw names for christmas. this year i got my brothers little girl.  when i asked what i could get 'e' for christmas, her mommy said that e was getting a kitchen.  and maybe i could make her an apron.  but i couldn't stop with just an apron.  i had to make pot holders and oven mitts too!  this was a fun gift to make and pretty quick.  

'e's appron,  i did a velcro neck so that it was somewhat adjustable as she grows.  and she can use it to help mommy & dad in the kitchen.  

the oven mitts.  these were the most work, but the funnest!  i had found a template online and when i was trying to hem the cuffs, 't' could barely get her little hand in there.  so i had to make more quilted fabric (these were supposed to be the same as the pot holders) and modify the template i had found.  i also changed how i did the binding since these are pretty little and hard to work on with a big sewing machine.  but i am really happy with how they turned out.  

and the pot holders.  i had fun making this set.  maybe 't' needs one...

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