Sunday, January 8, 2017

christmas-ne hat & keychain

i made these ne hats for my big girl and my two 'adopted daughters'.  they all live in jersey.  but they loved their summer visit.  who wouldn't?? fireworks are legal here, a little, sand, water & sun.  and our crazy family. so i wanted to give them all something that would remind them each of their ne family.    

i have new appreciation for anyone who sews on hats.  

this heart key chain probably had the most meaning for me as a given gift.  two years ago for my birthday, a gave me the bracelet in the picture.  on the front it says mom.  on the back is 'every princess needs her queen'.   i have twice had to fix the band.  i don't often take it off, it means that much to me.    
so i gave her this saying 'my princess gives more meaning to being a queen'.

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