Sunday, February 12, 2017

swaddle wrap

a mom friend came to me with a request.  she had bought a sleep sack that had an attachable swaddle wrap.  the wrap was great, but she wanted to be able to use the wrap past the size of the sleep sack.  she had another lady make a different wrap, but the inside band was a bit small.  she also liked how the sleep sack swaddler had loop fabric not just strips.  
the hardest part was finding the loop fabric.  while i did find some it wasn't quite what i had in mind.  its stiffer than the original, but i just haven't had any luck finding that is nice and soft and drapey.  but mom thought it would be okay.  

i think that i made this one just the right size.  small enough for a  1/2 month old, but big enough for a 6/7 month old baby.  just wrap the inside band around baby's chest.

tuck arms in and wrap the outside around securing with the velcro.  i made mine with a layer of flannel and cotton.  its not meant to be super warm.  its meant to keep baby wrapped up tight so they don't startle themselves awake and sleep better.  but it would be easy to make it warmer.

i am looking for input and feed back.  should i make these a permanent item for sale?  what should i change?  the 1st two moms to contact me will get a swaddler for $20 in exchange for honest feedback.  i don't have a baby anymore to test it out on (hence the doll in the photo)  

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